Monday, September 26, 2011

Wood-cut & Print-making

"Me" (2009)

We were asked to do a self-portrait when we were in Secondary 2, then trace in on tracing paper and transfer the drawing onto a piece of wood. We were then taught how to make use of carving tools and carve our "self-portrait" out onto the wood, making sure to cut out the white parts instead of the black ones. We were also allowed to carve out a background design, which I chose stars because that was the first thing I thought of at that time.

I remember carving out the wood, occasionally making mistakes that would make me really frustrated and not wanting to continue anymore. And I got a blister on my finger! But after carving out shavings after shavings, I managed to complete the entire wood-cut. I made some mistakes if you can tell. For example, the hair part was meant to be cut instead of the shoulder but I cut wrongly. Even with mistakes like such, I thought my work looked rather complete and alright. I mean I am not disfigured or anything right?

However, many did say my wood-cut has a bit of a distorted perspective and my self-portrait thus look like it was inspired by Picasso.

I was also exposed to print making for the first time in my life, where by we spread ink all over the wood before laying a piece of thin rice paper on top and allowing the ink to spread evenly onto the paper.

I enjoyed this assignment immensely as I was able to experience a whole new type of art.

However, I regret to say that I think I have misplaced my self-portrait drawing and my wood-cut was not returned to me D:

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