Saturday, September 24, 2011

Colour pencil drawings for prep work


Drawing of a wolf as research drawings for the Big Bad Wolf


Research drawings of a toad for the Fairy Godmother


Research drawings on spiders for The Fairy Godmother


Research drawings on desserts (Sorry I couldn't rotate it!)

Sorry there are so little drawings. I forgot to take photos of my prep to put up D:

Above few are some photos of my colour pencil drawings for my coursework prep studies. I feel that my drawings have improved a lot since sec 1 if you have seen them before. Somehow, this year, I have put in more effort and interest into my drawings and I am happy to see myself progress in a way that I never thought I would.

I used to feel rather demoralised when I see my friends produce amazing pieces of drawings and paintings and I felt that I couldn't even do half of what they have done. I felt my drawing and painting skills were really bad and that kind of destroyed my interest in art, to the point where I didnt even want to doodle anymore.

However, I felt that this year, during the entire coursework period, I have put in more effort than I usually had in the past and I felt myself improve in terms of drawing, especially with colour pencil. Also, coursework and prep work has sort of let me regain my interest and enthusiasm for art and also trained my patience, until I could actually finish drawing something without giving up (that always happens in the last few years).

I regret not putting in efforts to actually do well in art for the past few years but I will work hard to improve in terms of drawing and painting, and even working with other mediums and trying out new things :D (all after eoys of course!)

I am proud of my coursework and what I have achieved this year :D

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