Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coursework process photos (Big Bad Wolf)

This is part 03 of my coursework process photos.

This part in on The Big Bad Wolf.

This was my first attempt to create a dog bowl for the Big bad Wolf. I tried to use the same method as I did with the Little Mermaid's bowl (on a bucket though) but failed D:

So below few photos are of my second attempt to make a dog bowl and it succeeded :D I used plaster of paris and plastered the bottom of a bucket. This made the overall surface of the bowl rather even, except for the rims which I purposely trimmed only very little to retain the slight "savage" look for the bowl.

I painted the dog bowl a bright red colour as it is a colour of a typical dog bowl and might be more recognizable to the audience. However, I tried to create a slightly dirty image by dabbing a slight red-brown colour around the edges, the bottom and the underside of the bowl (which are the places that usually get dirtied easily). I mean, after all, a wolf can exactly be really clean can it?

I created some scratch marks to emphasize the animal side of the Big Bad Wolf, like how a dog chews on his dog bowl. Also, they sort of represent the "dark side" of the story as they show the "dark side" of the Big Bad Wolf. I am not really sure how to explain this.

I used tennis balls for the basic shape of an ice cream and paper-mached them because it is obviously hard to paint on the fuzzy surface of a tennis ball.

I actually wanted to paint my ice cream all sorts of bright colours as a sort of distraction, but then I realised how they might not seem like ice cream if they are painted all sorts of weird colours like lime green or bright purple. So I ended up painting the traditional ice cream colours: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!

I used paper clay to make tiny chocolate buttons on the ice cream to create pig snouts. Do they look like pig snouts? 

I used paper clay to also make pig tails to attach them to the ice cream. This one is the vanilla flavoured one! I somehow cant find photos of the chocolate and strawberry pig tails but they can be seen in the following photos.

I thought maybe putting all the pig tails into the dog's bowl hide them more. But then I thought: Would the viewers totally overlook them? So I decided to let them "pop-out" more and decided to let them "come out" from the pig-snout-ice-cream-balls. This also creates some sort of warped pig without its body. So that was rather interesting.

To be truthful, I think I could have improved on the ice cream balls by giving it more of a ice cream texture, and probably create the melting ice cream shape at the bottom of the bowl so that the ice cream would look more realistic. But most people could actually tell they are ice cream because of the colours, so I am glad that I have chosen to paint them these colours and not neon pink :D

Overall, I am rather satisfied with this work!

End of part 03 (The Big Bad Wolf)

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