Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coursework process photos (Little Mermaid)

This is part 01 of my coursework process photos because I wanted to organize my photos according to each fairy tale character that I worked on (Just like I did in my prep work). Also, I had too many photos to put all of them into one post and I do not really know how to work Picasa (or blogger), to be truthful. =.=

This post is on The Little Mermaid.

This seashell bowl is specially designed for the Little Mermaid.
I stuck seashells of different shapes and sizes onto a wok using blutack, then I smacked clumps of plaster to create the rocky coral feeling. Instead of creating a smooth porcelain-like bowl, I thought creating one that looks like it came from under the sea seems more appropriate for the Little Mermaid.
I painted the seashells a pink/purple colour to bring out the femininity of the Little Mermaid (also because it was similar the seashells that the Little Mermaid was wearing, which were purple in colour). The bowl is painted with various hues of green and blue to create a nice sea  coral colour.

I used one of the smaller seashells and the stick part of a paintbrush and hot glued them together to form the spoon for the Little Mermaid. I wanted the Little Mermaid to have a spoon so that she would seem more refined as she is a princess and all (This seems a bit ironic when she is all refined but still eating a jellyfish, a fellow sea creature).

How they look together :D

I filled aluminum cupcake cups with smooth liquid plaster and stuck a toothpick into each when the plaster was drying. When the plaster dried, I glued 1/2 a 7-inch styrofoam ball onto the toothpick. And TADA my cupcakes were born! One of the plaster filling was corroded by the glue so I had to throw it away though. But luckily, it was my spare one!

These were the base colour of my jellyfish cupcakes. I created a slight gradient because it looked more appealing.

My sketch of the jellyfish pattern on the cupcake. I was really scared I ruined it D:

I used red and a bit of magenta to paint out the pattern of the jellyfish :D I am happy I didnt really ruin it!

As for the other jellyfish, I glued a floral decoration thing (that I am not sure what it is called), that I painted a slight pinkish colour, onto the top of the cupcake. The floral decoration piece looked a bit like a coral and created a similar feel to the actual pattern of the jellyfish. However, I only managed to complete this jellyfish cupcake on the submission date and I hadn't taken a photo of it yet. Sorry!

All in all, I think I enjoyed making these few works especially the seashell bowl and spoon, as they required a variety of materials to work with and was quite a new experience to me :D A lot of people also said they wanted to bring the seashell spoon home which made my heart warm and fuzzy! And many could tell that my cupcakes were cupcakes and my brother knew they were jellyfish patterns so I am really glad I managed to create works that could appeal to my audience.

End of part 01 (The Little Mermaid)

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