Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coursework process photos (Fairy Godmother)

This is part 02 of my coursework progress photos.

This part is on The Fairy Godmother.

I created the basic shape of a cake but cutting the shape out on cardboard and folded it into the cake shape. I used masking tape to tape the whole thing together so it would not fall apart.

I paper-mached the cardboard cake so that it would be easier to paint on and would create a softer look for the cake (without the edges).

I painted the cake a rather plain colour so as to not attract too much attention from what was actually meant to be discovered. I used paper clay to create a 3D/pop-up feel for the chocolate frosting. I had painted on the chocolate frosting, it would not have looked as appealing and as realistic.

The above few are various ways I thought I could have arranged the lizard around/on the cake.

I decided to just place the lizard in the most prominent place so that it would be quite obvious. However, I painted the lizard the same colour as the chocolate frosting to not only make the lizard seem like it is part of the frosting, but also to slightly camouflage it. So there is another irony for you! The bright red strawberry was to distract the audience from noticing the lizard too quickly. Did it work?

I spray-painted a plate and a set of cutlery gold to create a high-class and elegant feel that would suit the classic Fairy Godmother. Also, what refined Fairy Godmother would eat with her hands? This creates an irony when the audience realised that she is using these "refined" cutlery to eat lizards.

I sketched the Fairy Godmother on the plate so as to make her seem like a narcissistic person, a person that only thinks about herself. This seems like a major contrast to the actual Fairy Godmother who seems like a generous person and let Cinderella go to the ball with no conditions what-so-ever (except that she has to return by midnight of course)

I modified the features of the Fairy Godmother to be slight mean and evil, which is of another contrast to the actual Fairy Godmother. I painted her using acrylic colours, trying to create the exact colours of the actual Fairy Godmother. Did I succeed? :D
This was taken before the hands were painted in, but it was the only photo I had of the painted plate.

Above few are different ways I thought of placing colourful rubber lizards around the plate and cutlery.  I chose the last one because I liked how the lizards are not only placed around the cake and the plate but also on the fork and spoon. This not only makes the fork and spoon more like they are part of the ensemble but also makes it as though the Fairy Godmother wants to stab the lizards and spoon them into her mouth. This makes the lizards a less distant part of the work.

I am actually rather proud of this work, especially when someone tells me how they like my Fairy Godmother or how they thought my lizards were interesting. I enjoy when my audience enjoy my work :D It makes me happy when my art is understood and is attractive to the viewers. 

End of part 02 (The Fairy Godmother)

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