Monday, September 26, 2011

AEP Block Test 2 (Han Sai Por and Ng Eng Teng)


In my opinion, I would choose to display "Growth" by Han Sai Por in Nanyang Girls' High School as part of our permanent art collection on one of the grass patches in front of the auditorium.  (Explain choice of location) (Wouldn't they be too small for such a big space?)

Han Sai Por's sculptures bring about a sense of life and vitality and they seem to have a certain energy stored within them, waiting to be released. I feel that through this, we will be able to allow the school staff and students to feel its energy and life and apply the same type of vitality and energy to their daily lifes, as though they have unlimited energy bursting out of them.

Han Sai Por's sculptures are also very naturalistic, organic and has relations to our environment and nature. I believe that this idea can promote nature as part of us and not apart from us and is able to bring the students closer to nature. Ms Han believes that through the high-tech, hustle and bustle city life, we tend to forget to appreciate nature and its beauty. I hope through "Growth", the students and staff would be able to understand and stop to look at her various sculptures in the school compound, as well as the nature surrounding us, and appreciate their beauty and meaning and relax and get away from out busy schedules. The organis forms of the sculpture, as well as the quiet environment at the auditorium, is able to calm the minds of the students and staff, giving them a better learning and working environment. Also, another one of Ms Han's artwork "Spirit of Nature" is exhibited in front of the auditorium too. (Outside GO)

Also, the meaning behind the sculpture"Growth" could also appeal to students as they are in the process of growing and they are thus able to relate to the sculpture. The growth of the organic marbles could represent them, growing fast and trying to break out from their shell, and release their energy and vitality, The growth could also represent the students growth, mentally and emotionally and they try to find out who they are and trying to express their own opinions.

This contrasts greatly with "Looking Ahead" by Ng Eng Teng as his sculpture seems to be about facing difficulties. The man in his sculptures is unable to look ahead and is distressed about his situation. We would not want to promote this idea to the students and staff of the school, who already seems to be trying to overcome their problems. The sculpture might depress them and cause them to lose hope.

however, I feel that the sculpture "Growth" should be raise on a platform as it is small and might be overpowered by the surrounding environment. Also, raising it on a platform can attract attention to the sculpture.

Therefore, I think that choosing "Growth" is a better choice as it brings out Han Sai Por's beliefs and ideas as well as brings meaning to our school.


This piece of writing is also completely unedited so there are some grammatical and spelling mistakes, and some parts do not make much sense...

So I think I could have organized this piece better so that my points sort of flow into one another and would not be so disorganized and messy. Also, I was obviously muddled headed during the paper as I wrote that "Spirit of Nature" is at the auditorium when it is obviously at the General Office. Also, I should have used more appropriate and clearer words to describe what I was meant to write. But overall, I think I did quite okay. 

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