Monday, September 26, 2011

My first actual artwork

"Cloth" (2010)
A4 size

In Secondary 3, we were assigned to a different board on which a piece of white cloth was laid upon, with different patterns of folds and layers. A lamp was arranged near the board so that light shone on different parts of the cloth, providing dark and light. We were meant to sketch the cloth, taking note of tonal shading.

I think this was the first assignment in my whole secondary school life that I actually put in effort into my shading and drawing and it is probably the first piece of work I was rather proud of. I also think this assignment was kind of the turning point for me, in terms of drawing and shading skills. I think my drawings started to improve from this assignment onwards. Before that, I think I never actually drew anything well or recognizable...

Comments: Very gd blending of the tones.
The dark and light tones merge in a gradual + smooth manner.
Well done!

I even got an "EXCELLENT" stamp which made me very proud of myself :D I think this assignment had boost my confidence in my abilities and has allowed me to doubt myself less, thus having the motivation to put in effort into more of my works.

So this piece of work is rather important to me even though it might seem to be just a simple assignment. It might not even look nice as compared others'.
But to me, it is my confidence-booster! 

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