Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coursework process photos (Three Blind Mice)

This is part 04 of my coursework progress photos.

This part is on the Three Blind Mice.

I used plastic toy plates that my little cousins used when they play "pretend chef" to create the basic shape of the plates for the Three Blind Mice. I obviously paper-mached them because paint does not really stay that well on smooth plastic.  

I chose yellow for the Three Blind Mice because yellow is the colour people first think of when they think of cheese. However, you can tell that the paint didn't stay on very well because I forgot to use gesso before I painted the base colour. So I had to paint them over again with a layer of gesso then repaint a few layers of yellow again.

I painted orange spots of different sizes in hopes of making the underside of the plate look a tad bit like cartoon cheese. Some people said it does look like so I am happy. However, sometimes I wonder it is just because they do not have "high expectations" for how cheese actually looks like.
Anyway, I only painted the bottom because I thought it would kind of promote self-discovery and make my work seem more like a form of interactive art. If I painted both sides, then no one would bother to look at the bottom at all to know that it represents cheese!

I filled the metal tart container thing with smooth plaster. However, the first batch didn't go very well because the plaster refused to dry completely even after 2 days. So I decided to use the failed tarts to experiment when the medium and how well it works with paint.

These are some sample ones that Shi Yin played around with and created rather delicious looking tarts :D However, you can probably tell something went wrong with the plaster by how it does not really fill up the container well.

The second batch of tarts went well but they look the same as the first batch (just a metal container filled with white plaster) so I decided not to post a photo of it.

I used paper clay to create the kiwi slices for the tarts. I decided to use kiwi because kiwi is the most common fruit that has a bright green colour. I created a slight gradient using different hues of green to make it look more appealing and not as dull as it would have been if I painted the entire thing green.

The crust is made up of 2 long, thin strands of paper clay that is twisted around each other then glued around the edge of the tarts.

I painted the crust a golden brown colour to give the tart a nicely-baked colour. Doesn't it look crispy?

I painted the part in between the kiwi slices a dark brown so that the combination of the kiwi slices and the dark brown strip looks like a cat's eye.

I like this art work the best because it looks the most delicious and realistic of them all! A lot of my friends also like the tarts the best because it looks pretty and yummy! To be truthful, this ensemble was the easiest of all because I do not have to make the plates (unlike the seashell bowl for The Little Mermaid or The Big Bad Wolf) nor do I have to paint a "human" on the plate (unlike the golden plate for The Fairy Godmother). Also, the tarts were not very difficult to make! 

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