Monday, September 26, 2011

Pin-hole photography

This are some of my pin-hole photography "photos" that I did in Secondary 2.

"The Swing" (2009)

EV 10 | 30 secs

This photo is of one of my school's swings that is/used to be at the front gate. I am not sure if the swing is still there or not.

i think the photo is obviously over-exposed and there is too many negative spaces as compared to positive ones. This makes the swing form a bit unclear and makes the whole photo a bit dark and gloomy. I should have exposed it for a shorter amount of time for a clearer and brighter image.

"Podium" (2009)

EV 10 | 30 secs

This photo is of my school podium. I chose this view as it shows one of the more prominent parts of my school and it is where students pledge their loyalty and all to their school and the nation. I think I took this on the second level, looking down upon the podium.

I regret that the photo is a bit lopsided and it does not give as grand feel as if the podium was directly in the middle of the photo. I also think that there are too many negative parts and is bit over-exposed. 

"Side View of the Front View" (2009)

EV 9 | 1 min 15 secs

I am not really sure what this shot is of or why I took it because it was so long ago, but I am guessing that this is kind of a side view of the front of the school. Maybe I took it at the end of the giant staircase near the track. I am not too sure.

This photo is definitely over-exposed as it is so dark you can hardly see anything...However, it does give the entire school compound a ghostly feel like it is some haunted house. Maybe I should name this shot "Haunted School"!


EV 9 | 1 min

This photo depicts our school eco-pond. I like how the shot captures the reflection of the plants and light in the pond, giving a nice black and white contrast. I think that is basically what I like about this shot most.

I think I had learnt my lesson and exposed this film for a shorter period of time and is thus not as over-exposed as the previous one.

"Zhi Ping" (2009)

Not recorded

Apparently, I forgot to take down the EV and time I exposed the film. However, it is a tad bit over-exposed too.

I made Zhi Ping stand in the middle of the quadrangle as my model as I wanted to see how a human figure turns out in my films instead of just "landscapes". You can somehow make out the human figure even though everything seems rather dark. However, this shot is not very clear and thus I am not very satisfied D:

The shot I have chosen to submit could not be found so I am unable to scan it and post it up. However, I am very sure it was a shot of another swing!

Pin-hole photography has made me realized the importance of colour in our lives. Pin-hole photography is the first time I worked with black and white photography and it frustrates me when all my photos comes out too black or too white. The lack of colour also creates a rather gloomy feel to all my films.

Also, pin-hole photography has allowed me to appreciate digital cameras and even DSLRs. They seem so much easier to use, as compared to a handmade pinhole camera (a metal container), being able to capture the perfect photo with just a click of a button.

I also really enjoyed working in an actual dark room and learning how to develop my own films using different chemicals.

I think I want to try my hand in different types of photography at the end of the year!

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