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The big oil painting project!

"Nanyang" (2010)

Oil painting
If you have seen my previous post, I have talked about an oil painting project! And this is it!
My teacher assigned us each an art movement to do that we have studied to an oil painting, themed "Nanyang" (which is my school name). My art movement is POP ART!

I had very limited knowledge or exprerience with pop art and it made me quite excited to be able to work on this supposedly fun art movement.

Little did I know how tiring it is to paint so neat and exact lines and shapes with zero blending of colours, especially when you are using oil paint (which is like the perfect blending medium). You have no idea how frustrating it is to try to make sure no two colours mix at all and to make sure that the colours did not have any hint of tones. I had to paint and repaint and paint again. But I think my efforts have not gone down the dirty drain :D

I used mainly primary and secondary colours (Red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange). I tried to manipulate contrasting colours to make the colours POP out like POP ART. However, it didn't work out well and I ended up concentrating cooler colours in the middle (the stationary) and warmer colours in the background (the polka dots). This way, the stationary actually POP out more, and though it was not what I had originally intended, I was quite happy with the outcome.

The stationary represents homework and marking and any tedious work that our school students and staff have to go through on a daily basis. I arranged different stationary into the chinese words for "Nanyang", similar to what is embroidered onto our uniform, obviously to show that I am trying to portray a part of "Nanyang".  For a rather stressed-out student at that point, I thought it was the best way to portray my life in Nanyang. However, now that I think about it, I could have added in more variety of different things, that could have not only showed the stressful side of life in Nanyang, but also the happy side when I am enjoying with my friends and classmates.

I made sure that only the outlines of the stationary were painted in and no details were added to simplify them and create the simple and unique POP ART feel.

The polka dots for the background was my way of emphasizing that the art movement I was working on is POP ART. Perfectly round and perfectly arranged polka dots can be seen in many POP ART paintings and is probably one of the most representative aspects. So I traced out the exact same circle from the rim of a chicken essence bottle in a regular pattern. Painting the background was probably the most tedious as painting circles neatly is definitely not something I was good at.

All in all, I am quite satisfied with my work, even though I could have added more substance (not just stationary) to make my painting seem more meaningful. Also, I think having a deeper artistic intention would be more meaningful.

P.S. Don't you think the background of the painting looks similar to the cheese plates I made for my coursework? I just thought of it!

P.S.S. I am quite happy to know that Zhiping wanted to bring my painting home!

Dipping flowers in oil paint

"Blue Flower" (2010)
7" x 9"
Oil paint

This assignment was the first time I used oil paint and I thought it was rather hard to handle while painting. I don't even know why know that I think about it! This was meant for us to practice using oil paint before embarking on our huge oil paint project.

However, as you can see, I didn't manage to do very well in terms of portraying tones and forms. The light and dark tones were not blended well and made the flower look a bit awkward.

But I would like to think that I have improve from this, even though until now, I still do not really enjoy painting (although I prefer oil paint to watercolour).

I don't have much to comment except that I think I will try painting more often at the end of the year, in hopes of not only improving my painting skills, but also bring my interest in art to a higher level.

My first actual artwork

"Cloth" (2010)
A4 size

In Secondary 3, we were assigned to a different board on which a piece of white cloth was laid upon, with different patterns of folds and layers. A lamp was arranged near the board so that light shone on different parts of the cloth, providing dark and light. We were meant to sketch the cloth, taking note of tonal shading.

I think this was the first assignment in my whole secondary school life that I actually put in effort into my shading and drawing and it is probably the first piece of work I was rather proud of. I also think this assignment was kind of the turning point for me, in terms of drawing and shading skills. I think my drawings started to improve from this assignment onwards. Before that, I think I never actually drew anything well or recognizable...

Comments: Very gd blending of the tones.
The dark and light tones merge in a gradual + smooth manner.
Well done!

I even got an "EXCELLENT" stamp which made me very proud of myself :D I think this assignment had boost my confidence in my abilities and has allowed me to doubt myself less, thus having the motivation to put in effort into more of my works.

So this piece of work is rather important to me even though it might seem to be just a simple assignment. It might not even look nice as compared others'.
But to me, it is my confidence-booster! 

Wood-cut & Print-making

"Me" (2009)

We were asked to do a self-portrait when we were in Secondary 2, then trace in on tracing paper and transfer the drawing onto a piece of wood. We were then taught how to make use of carving tools and carve our "self-portrait" out onto the wood, making sure to cut out the white parts instead of the black ones. We were also allowed to carve out a background design, which I chose stars because that was the first thing I thought of at that time.

I remember carving out the wood, occasionally making mistakes that would make me really frustrated and not wanting to continue anymore. And I got a blister on my finger! But after carving out shavings after shavings, I managed to complete the entire wood-cut. I made some mistakes if you can tell. For example, the hair part was meant to be cut instead of the shoulder but I cut wrongly. Even with mistakes like such, I thought my work looked rather complete and alright. I mean I am not disfigured or anything right?

However, many did say my wood-cut has a bit of a distorted perspective and my self-portrait thus look like it was inspired by Picasso.

I was also exposed to print making for the first time in my life, where by we spread ink all over the wood before laying a piece of thin rice paper on top and allowing the ink to spread evenly onto the paper.

I enjoyed this assignment immensely as I was able to experience a whole new type of art.

However, I regret to say that I think I have misplaced my self-portrait drawing and my wood-cut was not returned to me D:

Pin-hole photography

This are some of my pin-hole photography "photos" that I did in Secondary 2.

"The Swing" (2009)

EV 10 | 30 secs

This photo is of one of my school's swings that is/used to be at the front gate. I am not sure if the swing is still there or not.

i think the photo is obviously over-exposed and there is too many negative spaces as compared to positive ones. This makes the swing form a bit unclear and makes the whole photo a bit dark and gloomy. I should have exposed it for a shorter amount of time for a clearer and brighter image.

"Podium" (2009)

EV 10 | 30 secs

This photo is of my school podium. I chose this view as it shows one of the more prominent parts of my school and it is where students pledge their loyalty and all to their school and the nation. I think I took this on the second level, looking down upon the podium.

I regret that the photo is a bit lopsided and it does not give as grand feel as if the podium was directly in the middle of the photo. I also think that there are too many negative parts and is bit over-exposed. 

"Side View of the Front View" (2009)

EV 9 | 1 min 15 secs

I am not really sure what this shot is of or why I took it because it was so long ago, but I am guessing that this is kind of a side view of the front of the school. Maybe I took it at the end of the giant staircase near the track. I am not too sure.

This photo is definitely over-exposed as it is so dark you can hardly see anything...However, it does give the entire school compound a ghostly feel like it is some haunted house. Maybe I should name this shot "Haunted School"!


EV 9 | 1 min

This photo depicts our school eco-pond. I like how the shot captures the reflection of the plants and light in the pond, giving a nice black and white contrast. I think that is basically what I like about this shot most.

I think I had learnt my lesson and exposed this film for a shorter period of time and is thus not as over-exposed as the previous one.

"Zhi Ping" (2009)

Not recorded

Apparently, I forgot to take down the EV and time I exposed the film. However, it is a tad bit over-exposed too.

I made Zhi Ping stand in the middle of the quadrangle as my model as I wanted to see how a human figure turns out in my films instead of just "landscapes". You can somehow make out the human figure even though everything seems rather dark. However, this shot is not very clear and thus I am not very satisfied D:

The shot I have chosen to submit could not be found so I am unable to scan it and post it up. However, I am very sure it was a shot of another swing!

Pin-hole photography has made me realized the importance of colour in our lives. Pin-hole photography is the first time I worked with black and white photography and it frustrates me when all my photos comes out too black or too white. The lack of colour also creates a rather gloomy feel to all my films.

Also, pin-hole photography has allowed me to appreciate digital cameras and even DSLRs. They seem so much easier to use, as compared to a handmade pinhole camera (a metal container), being able to capture the perfect photo with just a click of a button.

I also really enjoyed working in an actual dark room and learning how to develop my own films using different chemicals.

I think I want to try my hand in different types of photography at the end of the year!

AEP Block Test 2 (Han Sai Por and Ng Eng Teng)


In my opinion, I would choose to display "Growth" by Han Sai Por in Nanyang Girls' High School as part of our permanent art collection on one of the grass patches in front of the auditorium.  (Explain choice of location) (Wouldn't they be too small for such a big space?)

Han Sai Por's sculptures bring about a sense of life and vitality and they seem to have a certain energy stored within them, waiting to be released. I feel that through this, we will be able to allow the school staff and students to feel its energy and life and apply the same type of vitality and energy to their daily lifes, as though they have unlimited energy bursting out of them.

Han Sai Por's sculptures are also very naturalistic, organic and has relations to our environment and nature. I believe that this idea can promote nature as part of us and not apart from us and is able to bring the students closer to nature. Ms Han believes that through the high-tech, hustle and bustle city life, we tend to forget to appreciate nature and its beauty. I hope through "Growth", the students and staff would be able to understand and stop to look at her various sculptures in the school compound, as well as the nature surrounding us, and appreciate their beauty and meaning and relax and get away from out busy schedules. The organis forms of the sculpture, as well as the quiet environment at the auditorium, is able to calm the minds of the students and staff, giving them a better learning and working environment. Also, another one of Ms Han's artwork "Spirit of Nature" is exhibited in front of the auditorium too. (Outside GO)

Also, the meaning behind the sculpture"Growth" could also appeal to students as they are in the process of growing and they are thus able to relate to the sculpture. The growth of the organic marbles could represent them, growing fast and trying to break out from their shell, and release their energy and vitality, The growth could also represent the students growth, mentally and emotionally and they try to find out who they are and trying to express their own opinions.

This contrasts greatly with "Looking Ahead" by Ng Eng Teng as his sculpture seems to be about facing difficulties. The man in his sculptures is unable to look ahead and is distressed about his situation. We would not want to promote this idea to the students and staff of the school, who already seems to be trying to overcome their problems. The sculpture might depress them and cause them to lose hope.

however, I feel that the sculpture "Growth" should be raise on a platform as it is small and might be overpowered by the surrounding environment. Also, raising it on a platform can attract attention to the sculpture.

Therefore, I think that choosing "Growth" is a better choice as it brings out Han Sai Por's beliefs and ideas as well as brings meaning to our school.


This piece of writing is also completely unedited so there are some grammatical and spelling mistakes, and some parts do not make much sense...

So I think I could have organized this piece better so that my points sort of flow into one another and would not be so disorganized and messy. Also, I was obviously muddled headed during the paper as I wrote that "Spirit of Nature" is at the auditorium when it is obviously at the General Office. Also, I should have used more appropriate and clearer words to describe what I was meant to write. But overall, I think I did quite okay.