Monday, April 18, 2011


The original "The Scream" by Edvard Munch
It has been widely interpreted as representing the universal anxiety of modern man.


It is quite cool how artists can manipulate the idea of "universal anxiety of modern man" to fit characters like the Raving Rabbits and The Simpsons. I find it quite comical and hilarious that artists can replace the man in "The Scream" with cartoon characters that are rather "anxious" and crazy like the Raving Rabbits. This fully shows the contrast between the past and present idea of "anxiety" and how people are represented. 

Though it may seem as though it is just for fun and laughter, I find that this artworks actually shows how much people have changed over time, and technology and multimedia has changed us to always "think about TV and movies and cartoons" in a way that would never happen in the past. I like how the artworks, being compared to the original "The Scream", shows the contrasts between the people in the past and present and how they can also appeal to the younger generation using cartoons and make art seem fun and enjoyable. I think art has to adapt to different times or younger generations might not be able to accept or enjoy them as others did in the past.

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