Monday, April 11, 2011


I took these from my sister's tumblr :D CREDITS!

The 12 zodiacs carved out of CRAYOLA :D The carvings are so detailed and amazing. And I think they are trying to carve out the 12 zodiac animals! i like the bright colours and amazing carving technique that made this work seem delicate and attractive.


Windows Phone Concept C:

Bio Robot Refrigerator C:

Bracelet Phone C:

E-Roll C:

Newspaper of the Future C:

QWERTY Keyboard for IPhone C:

Folding-Out Laptop C:

HP Lim Glass Computer C:

How COOL is that?! Designs of the future... I just hope they are actually PRODUCEABLE (if that is a word) I find designs of the future interesting because you never know what it would be like in the future and it always sparks my interest! Also, it is exciting to know how design is going to develop to suit our future needs, etc. In a way, this is almost like the evolution of designing and it is quite amazing to see.

I want to create a fridge that can plan your daily meals according to the food in your fridge/occasion/diet/etc :D It would promote healthy eating and could also help you save money by making sure you don't buy food you already have. You could probably scan in what food you have bought and what you have taken out so that the fridge can somehow do the calculations for you and be your own personal nutritionist! Then again, nutritionists would be out of jobs. So maybe not...

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