Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So today Chiawei and I were discussing how hair can be a form of art after Zhiyi decided to make Zhiping look like a samurai warrior or Madame Matisse in "The Green Stripe" :D She looked totally hilarious by the way! (Let's hope she never sees this! Tee hee! :>)

Anyway, back to main topic: HAIR ART! Can hair styles or designs be a form of ART?! I THINK SO!!

Look here(!!!!!):

Above are Hair Art designs from the Hair Art show at the International Beauty Festival in St Petersburg
More at: Hair Art show

Above 4 pictures are Animal Hair Hats! ^-^

I wonder how people create such intricate designs out of hair. So many designs, so many styles, so many colours, so many textures. I like the animal hair hats the most :D

Can we all this art? Is this hair art? Does that mean that hair stylists are a form of artist in a way that they manipulate hair, the way painters work with paint? I mean, it is unfair to say that people who work with pencils and paint are artists, yet others who can create such beautiful "artworks" are not. Isn't it?

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